Welcome to Knucklebones Games, home of the Knucklebones RPG system.

The Knucklebones system was designed specifically for cinematic action and adventure. We hope to have our flagship game ready for beta testing soon.

The core of the Knucklebones system is a flexible, point buy role playing game system that uses a polyhedral dice set and is tailored for small groups. It is made to work with both hardcore dungeon delver gamers and die hard roleplayers alike, since character growth is not limited by classes and characters can grow and master skills that fit their needs.

Currently there are two versions of the Knucklebones system under construction, one simple system that has no levels, where character growth is made through build points, and a more complex level based system where character growth happens at every level.


We also encourage creativity and design in RPG campaigns. We are currently working on a tarot deck specifically designed to help give creative ideas and twists to any fantasy campaign, character or setting. If the demand is high enough, we may put out more decks designed for different settings.