Welcome to Knucklebones Games. While we’ve dabbled with the idea of publishing our own Knucklebones system, lately we’ve been delving into developing modules and settings compatible with 5th ed. We don’t currently have anything published, but we’re working on it, and we have three unique settings that we’ve designed modules for, and have started alpha testing some of them.

One is a fantasy world that takes advantage of some of the basic fantasy elements and style of 5th edition, with (we hope!) enough unique races, cultures, and settings to keep it interesting.

Another is a cyberpunk setting, with a somewhat non-mystical hint of magic in it.

And the last major setting that we may stick with our own Knucklebones system to publish is a swashbuckling pirate-themed setting.

There’s also another small fun holiday-themed module that we’re alpha testing, with the hopes of publishing it by the next holiday season.

At the moment, we have a few themed dice and whatnot in our Shapeways store, but that’s about it. We will update as we finish alpha testing and move on to beta testing and publishing.